Postural Reconstruction™ physiotherapy
for the treatment of muscle pain
and abnormal conditions in the spine and limbs

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Postural reconstruction physiotherapy is indicated to relieve back pain affecting the neck, middle and upper back or lower back. It is usually indicated to relieve joint pain in the shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, and feet related to muscle tension and its complications (tendonitis).

Although a single session may relieve acute pain (torticollis or wry neck, lower back pain), a longer-term treatment regimen is where postural reconstruction physiotherapy really proves worthwhile, allowing improvement in areas susceptible to chronic pain.

Postural reconstruction physiotherapy is also indicated where a postural problem has been diagnosed, such as sway back (hyperlordosis), rounded upper back (extreme kyphosis) or scoliosis.

A physiotherapist who is a postural reconstruction physiotherapy practitioner is a healthcare professional who can conduct an assessment and provide treatment at your request and may communicate with your physician regarding the results of the assessment and the progress of the treatment.


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