Postural Reconstruction™ physiotherapy
for the treatment of muscle pain
and abnormal conditions in the spine and limbs

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Collège des Praticiens de Reconstruction Posturale®

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Member area

Postural Reconstruction™ physiotherapy

The English trade name for Reconstruction Posturale®
a registered method of physiotherapy

Patients consult physiotherapists for :

back pain occurring in the lower back (lumbar region), neck (cervical spine), middle and upper back (thoracic spine)
• joint pain related to muscle tension and its complications (tendonitis)
postural disorders : exaggerated curvature of the spine, such as sway back, rounded upper back, scoliosis, and limb deformities, such as bow legs, knock knees, flat feet

Postural reconstruction practitioners :

• are all physiotherapists.
• have taken further training at the University of Strasbourg leading to a university diploma in postural reconstruction physiotherapy
• are re-evaluated every year by their professional body in France, the Collège français des praticiens de Reconstruction Posturale® (CFPRP) [French college of postural reconstruction physiotherapy practitioners], in order to remain listed in the online directory.

Please note : RECONSTRUCTION POSTURALE® is a trade mark registered by Michaël Nisand with the Institut national de la propriété industrielle (INPI), the national institute of industrial property, the government depository in France.